Sasha Nemirovsky
Welcome to Woodside Publishing!

For many years, a cobbler without shoes, programmer without a website, writer who publishes into the drawer of his table. Finally, I got to do them all. And doing so I jump around, not knowing from which angle better to start writing. To write short biography - is pointless, because when there are three persons living inside oneself than who is the leader? The important information will never fit, even compressed. Hmm.. putting up the full information? - but who is interested in it? Leave it to be. Better lets start from the today's hot topics and thoughts. At least some starting point it is.

Dear reader you are very weclome on this site.
Some of the poems been translated into English and available for browsing here.
There bulk of the poems, however is in the books. Feel free to download.
Also dear reader, you will find phylosophical and jazz prose and some stories.

I do respect your time and have no doubt it will be well spent.
Questions, thoughts - contact me here.
Thank you.