On the Second Circle

California, Woodside, 2014
ISBN 978-1-4675-9894-1
On a Second Circle

When the spirals of life starts to project upon themselves, then one can see that loops have a similar, even common parts in each. Most of the times one can distinguish those components as fairy-tale part, every-day routine part, philosophical part and professional part – whether it is creative or just a job. Hence this book has tree parts. The composition of a good fairy-tale never starts from zero. First the fairy story must be lived through. Then forgotten, for a while, until the edges become dull. Than it gets recalled from the memory and then only it is recorded. As felt and as remembered. The poems included into this Fairy Tale, best of all read in an order in which they are recorded. If done so, one can notice the inner connections between the poems. The inner flow.

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The Coordinates

California, Woodside, 2012
ISBN 978-1-4675-1737-9
Systema Otscheta

Everybody has a set of values. Some values are high prized some are cheaper, and some are negligible. The difference in the values is defining our actions. Actions, after they have been made, obtain the value of their own. Hence closing the circle. In this manner addition of new actions leads to the mutation of the whole system of values. Hence once in a while old systems of old values (old coordinates) will require a revision. Human can not live a life being in a disagreement within himself. Any coordinate system requires a scale, or it becomes a senseless. Also helps to define the amount of coordinate axes. One thing is clear to me, that one of those axes is the axel of Time. Other ones are axel of Love, Duty, Friendship, and similar infinities..

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Equation of the Crevice

California, Woodside 2009
ISBN 978-1-61623-877-3
Uravnenie Razloma

Why the equation? Perhaps not an actual equation, but more of an equalizing process. Crevice, is a part of space where two separate planes exists and can not be connected. Two planes of two parts of same live. Between them there is precipice. The only way to cross between the planes is to walk over the bridge of a poem. There is no other connector possible. But if the planes of life will remain unconnected than one can go dwindle from the pain of separation. However the poem is just the exterior form of such a bridge. Any bridge made of the true art is capable of breaching the gap. This is one of the main properties of the art. Any art. Music will also do the work (while it sounds). All, absolutely all good poems known to me, are connecting the life’s planes over the gaps. However good poems, which are build above the non-broken surfaces I never met.

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Without a Reader

ISBNs 5-85646-025-1, 978-5-85646-0253

Bez Hitatelya

Mostly this book belongs to the genre of "Emotional novel". As this is the first writing of such a style (at the date of its publishing), I will try to provide some non-necessary and non obligatory keys to its understanding. Almost all poems are written in the new form-style, called “Jazz-poetry". Jazz-poetry is a jazz like, because it is actually a sound-based poetry. Also if one can hear, the music of these poems is closely tuned and reminiscent of the jazz music. Strangely the Jazz definition also fits to the miniature musical-prose fragments included into this book as well. Subsequently from the Jazz form flows the whole genre of “Emotional novel”. This is a book about the search of love, search of place within the confines of the final years of soviet times.

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