The first recorded poems are dated back to when I was 14 years old. Since that time I was writing always. Somewhere in the period from 1980 to 1986
I published 7 collections of poems in Russian "Samizdat". The first big book "Bez Chitatelya" ("Without a Reader" ) was later published based on those collections. The topics and themes of my poems left little to the hope that they will be ever published in the USSR. However miracles did happen and in 1989 one poem made it into the weekly publication "Sobesednik". (Notable that the poem was printed onto the back side of the academic Saharov's obituary). The prose got more luck than poetry and in 1988 the story about letters from the Grandpa got published in the almanac "Znat i Pomnit" (ISBN 5-250-00394-X). I was kept with the good company in this publication as well - Yuriy Karabchievsky published his short story in there. (Hopefully there are still some who remember Yuri - worthy, high quality person).

I moved into California in 1990, - immigration is a separate huge topic to describe, so for now lets just mention this pebble and put it aside. Also lets put aside my profession - for those curious there is a website: Саша@linkedin, which was constructed not without my help, as the main architect of the backend database. That site has my professional trail marked in more pebbles.

In 1996 "Bez Chitatelya" ISBN 5-85646-025-1 is finally being published. It is late comer, but still very important book for my close circle and for myself. The manifest declaration of Jazz-Poetry in a Russian literature finally goes to the broader readers. And it finds a very good welcome and appreciation among the people who got to read it.

Between 1996 and 2004 wrote a lot but published none. I was immersed into professional work which took a lot of my energy. When one has to invent technology, define the market opportunities and based on that, build from ground up a small, but working business - it is not as simple. And it is no less creative work than writing and sadly no less taxing. The brief result - as of today the company SATS is 18 years old, which is quite an "age" for a high-tech company.

The same period sees me in lots of expeditions. The travels vary from rafting to high altitude mountaineering in Africa, Europe, Argentina, and of course in USA and Canada.

Meanwhile the written poetry accumulated and at one moment burst out from the table drawer.
In 2007 new west-coast literature magazine "Terra-Nova" №20, ISSN 1557-6752, publishes the large collection of my poems mostly from "Bez Chitatelya".
In 2009 the new book of jazz-poetry and stories "Uravnenie Razloma", "Equasion of a Crevice", ISBN 978-1-6162-3877-3 is being published.

The 2010 saw several publications at once:
1. "Pod Nebom Edinum" №4 The World Almanac of Russian-speaking Diaspora. ISBN 978-5-93682-640-5
2. California "Poetry Alamanc" №17, ISBN 1089-4535

In 2011 there where few more publications:
1. "Pod Nebom Edinum" №5 The World Almanac of Russian-speaking Diaspora. ISBN 978-5-93682-743-3
2. California "Poetry Alamanc" №18, ISBN 1089-4535

The 2012 happend to be even more "noisy":
1. "Pod Nebom Edinum" №6 The World Almanac of Russian-speaking Diaspora. ISBN 978-5-4311-0019-2
2. California "Poetry Alamanc" №19, ISBN 1089-4535
3. Almanac "Nam ne dano predugadat" №8, ("We can not foretell"). ISBN 978-1-893552-96-8, Mir Collection publishing, New York.
4. Literature magazine "Vremya i Mesto" #23, ("Time and Place"), New York, ISBN 978-0-9793240-8-6
5. Magazine "Apraksin blues" "In the Gates", #22
6. Also the new book of poems: "Systema Otscheta", "The Coordinates", ISBN 978-1-4675-1737-9), gets published. The book receives great reviews and wide recognition from even broader circle of readers.

2013 Current vector:
1. "Almanac "Life Images" 2012, ISBN 978-0-9832503-2-6, San Francisco.
2. Evening of Russian poetry in Palo Alto."Neopalymaya Sequoia 2013".
3. Magazine "Apraksin blues" "Reversal perspective", #23
4. Almanac "Nam ne dano predugadat" №8, ("We can not foretell"). ISBN 978-0-9860318-3-0, Mir Collection publishing, New York.
5. California "Poetry Alamanc" №20, ISBN 1089-4535